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Mod. RB 134 Mod. STAV 175
Automatic Double Die Flanger and Bottom Seamer

This machine serves for the production of cylindrical cans with side seam welded or lock-seamed. The can bodies fed by an inlet chute
are flanged by means of dies, a system allowing an exact calibration of can bodies, particularly recommendable for the following bottom or lid
seaming. Then bottom or li dseaming is effected at stationary cans by means of 4 seaming rollers (two of first and two of second operation), which guarantees an absolutely sure closure. The operator's intervention is limited to feed curled ends in the stacker, equipped with separatine sliders, as can bodies are automatically carried from a working station to the other by means of star conveyors. Movements of can bodies and end feeling are controlled by contactless sensors stopping the machine in case of missing feed of bodies and ends or excessive effort of star conveyors due to jammed bodies or ends. Instead of being flanged, the free body end can be inside or outside curled for the application of pressare lids or be broadened (only for welded can bodies) to produce stackable cans. Also rings with aluminium foil and pressare lids for coffee cans, milk powder cans etc. can be seamed. This machine, furthermore is designed to be couplet to the horizontal seamer mod. S.121 to obtain the transfer assembly mod. STAV 175+S.121. For its great versatility the machine has a wide range of application.
Now also in execution mod. STAV 175/DN, equipped with a supplementary station for:
- die necking at one can end for staclable cans
- double die necking at both ends, equal or differential (aerosol cans)
Diameter range: 52 to 175 mm.
Can heights: 80 to 320 mm
Max. welding overlap: 0,8 mm.
In the version mod. STAV 175/DNC the machine can also make an inside curl on lock-seamed can bodies, an operation which is effected in the flanging station opposite the seaming head by means of a inner profiled die and expandable inner male to keep the lock-seam.
All cams, gears and the 8-position indexing device run in an oil bath and all parts with rapid rotation are mounted on ball or needle bearings.
In the actual version the machine is equipped with separate control board cubiche, micro-lubrication system with programmable cycles, parts of mechanical movements treated with anti-seizure ionic nitriding and easy opening drive protection.

CHANGE OF CAN SIZE: in about one hour for the change of can diameter and only a few minutes for the change of can heuight.

MOTORIZATION AND OUTPUT: the machine is equipped with a 3.75 kW 350/1750 r.p.m. motor and inverter, for normal voltage 400 V, 50 Hz. Motors for other voltages and frequencies can be mounted upon request. Speed is adjustable from 1440 up to 7200 cans per hour.

Technical data
Can diameters: 50 to 190 mm
Can heights: 66 to 400 mm in normal construction
50 to 400 mm in special construction
Power driven: 3.75 kW
Maximum tinplate thickness: 0.40 mm
Net weight: 1620 kg
Gross weight: 1790 kg
Packing diemsnions: 183 x 140 x 190 cm + 62 x 92 x 135 cm (control board)
Volume: 5.63 cu.mts.

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