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Mod. RB 134Mod. RB 134
Automatic beading machine for round can bodies

Beading operation is effected by means of inner side-rollers: this allows the use of this machine also on finished can bodies, with bottom already seamed-on. For particular exigencies, the beading machine model RB.134 can also work out finished can bodies with bottom and ring. The above turns out particularly advantageous when automatic die flangers/seamers are employed in effect when beading the can bodies after the above operations the possible crushing during die flanging and seaming operations is eliminated.
The can bodies, entering the beading machine mod. RB.134 by means of an inlet gravity runway (provided with body presence detector), reach the pockets of the star conveyors. After about half a turn, the beading operation is completed by the intervention of the inner rotating shafts, operated by cams and mounted on needle bearings.
The beading machine model RB.134 is designed in such a way as the peripheric speed of inner rollers and central drum are equal, so to prevent from slipping of the can bodies to be beaded and from consequent abrasions of outside decoration and inside lacquer.
Subsequently the can bodies come out from the same side of inlet, so allowing the machine to be inserted in production lines having a rectilinear arrangement.
The change of the beading rollers and star conveyors is effected easily, without dismantling any part constituting the machine and takes about 30 minutes. The change of can height only requires a few minutes.
The beading machine model RB.134 is driven by 2 asynchronous 3-phase motors complete with variable drive (1 2.2 kW 130-650 r.p.m. for beading rollers and 1 2.2 kW 17-85 r.p.m for star conveyors), placed inside the machine base.
Normal voltage is 220/380 V 50 cycles: other voltages and frequencies on request, to be specified when placing an order.
The power drive is effected through calibrated roller chains and the electric system includes also a torque electronic limiting device which stops the machine in case of excessive efforts. This avoids the damaging of parts in motion.

Technical data


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Diameter range
Can height
Maximum dislalice of outermost beading from opposite can body end

99 - 225 mm 80
300 mm

240 mm

73 - 213 mm
80 - 300 mm

200 mm

65 - 198 mm
80 - 300 mm

150 mm


Standard execution
with 6 beading rollers

Simp´┐Żified execution with 3 beading rollers

Maximum speed
Maximum tinplate thickness
Power driven
Net weight
Gross weight
Seaworthy packing dimensions

150 corpi/minuto
0,32 mm
4,4 kW
1.550 kg
1.730 kg
180 x 130 x 170 cm
3,98 mc

75 corpi minuto
0,32 mm
4,4 kW
1.450 kg
1. 630kg
180 x 130 x 170 cm
3,98 mc

Subject to alterations without notice.

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