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Mod. LHL.124 + SP 27 KVA/NI
Automatic Welding Centre

Electro-pneumatically operated, to weld one tinplate lug and one plastic or wire handle on round lids 120 to 190 mm or irregular lids section 100x100 to 160x180 mm, provided that the three components can be automatically fed. Lids can be outside/inside plain or outside lacquered/inside plain. The feeder, based on the principle of rotating table and synchronized to the welder, is equipped with vibrators and guides for one type only of lugs and handles, automatic feeding of curled lids, magnetic device with presence sensor for ejection of welded lids through a chute, electronic controls of presence of components to be assembled, in new execution with programmable PLC with video display unit for alarm and operation messages, cam switching with proximity switches as well as proximity switches connected by plug and socket instead of microswitches. Output up to 40 cpm. The welding centre is supplied already mounted and fixed on a sturdy welded steel platform with 6 adjustable antivibration feet. Tooled up for one lid size, one type of lugs and one type of handles.

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