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Mod. STAV 175 Mod. DN 141
Automatic Die Necker

Machine to effect the necking on one or both ends of cylindrical welded can bodies in one operation only with equal or differential necking by means of dies, which have a fixed or expandable inner part according to technical requirements, used in the production of aerosol (spray) cans, fruit juice cans and instant powder cans and ali other type of cans included in the dimensional range indicated hereunder, which requires a necking operation with a length up to 19 mm, with a diameter reduction up to 5.5 mm.
By the die necking operation the can bodies are exactly calibrated in order to avoid all problems in the following flanging operation. As there are no parts with high speed rotation, the machine has a particularly silent running.
The machine is full automatically operated. Can bodies pass from the inlet gravity runway into the proper seats of the star conveyors, which take them to the necking station and then to the knock-out station where the necked bodies enter the outlet gravity runway by means of proper ejectors.
The motion of the star conveyors is operated by an indexing device giving them a sinusoidal movement with such accelerations and decelera- tions as to guarantee the most reduced wearing of the mechanical parts of the machine. All movements of the machine are mechanical, operated by widely sized hardened cams with ground profiles.
The necking dies slide on large cylindrical guides and all parts in motion are included in sturdy cast iron uprights: the presence of large doors guarantees an easy access to the internal parts.
All the cams and the indexing device run in an oil bath and the cam rolls are provided with high resistance needle bearings. Furthermore the machine is equipped with a timed safety joint causing its immediate stop in case of overload of the star conveyors.

The change-over time to pass from a can diameter to another is extremely reduced, taking only a few minutes to replace the necking change parts and the star conveyors. The passage to another can height takes a still shorter time as only some quick operations are needed, and is effected by the help of a millimetric precision rule calibrated on the cutting height of can bodies.

Motion drive is effected by means of roller chains. In its standard execution the machine is equipped with a mechanical variable drive, ratio 1 :5, infinitely variable, operated by a 3-phase 4-pole asynchronous 1.1 kW motor, preset for usually employed voltages and frequencies, to be indicated with the order.
In particular cases the power is increased and al so double chains can be used, with a corresponding proper overprice. Should the variable drive not be required, the price of the machine would be correspondently reduced.
The mechanical speed of the machine reaches up to 120 operations/minute and the effective speed varies according to the can diameter to be necked, the necking length, the diameter reduction, the thickness and hardening of the tinplate.

Technical data
Mechanical speed: up lo 120 operations/minute.
Can diameter range: 45 mm lo 215 mm.
Can height range: 80 mm to 350 mm (according to the necking lenglh).
Maximum necking length: 19mm.
Maximum diameter reduction: 5.5mm.
Maximum tinplate thickness: 0.32 mm.
Maximum welding overlap: 0.80 mm.
Power driven: 1.1 kW.
Net weight: 920 kg.
Gross weight: 1,025 kg.
Packing dimensions: 165 x 70 x 154 cm.
Seaworthy volume: 1,80 m'.

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